« Fade », « ringard »: ce portrait de Kate Middleton s’attire les foudres des Britanniques

« Fade », « ringard »: ce portrait de Kate Middleton s’attire les foudres des Britanniques

The Controversial Portrait

Recently, a portrait of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has sparked outrage among the British public. The painting, created by artist Dan Llywelyn Hall, depicts Middleton in a rather unflattering light, leading many to criticize the artist’s portrayal of the royal figure.

A « Fade » Portrait

The portrait, which was unveiled at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, has been described as « fade » and « ringard » by critics. The term « fade » refers to the lack of vibrancy and energy in the painting, while « ringard » is a French word meaning outdated or unfashionable.

Public Reaction

The public reaction to the portrait has been mixed, with some praising the artist’s unique interpretation of Middleton, while others have criticized it for not capturing her true essence. Many have taken to social media to express their disappointment, with some even calling for the painting to be removed from public display.

The Artist’s Defense

In response to the backlash, artist Dan Llywelyn Hall has defended his work, stating that he wanted to create a more « realistic » portrayal of Middleton, rather than the idealized image often seen in official portraits. He has emphasized that art is subjective and open to interpretation, and that he stands by his artistic vision.

Historical Context

This controversy is not the first time a royal portrait has caused a stir. Throughout history, artists have faced criticism for their depictions of royal figures, with some portraits being deemed unflattering or inaccurate. The debate over the portrayal of royalty in art is a longstanding one, highlighting the tension between tradition and artistic freedom.

Lessons Learned

  • Artistic interpretation is subjective and can elicit strong reactions from the public.
  • Portrayals of royal figures are often scrutinized and can be a source of controversy.
  • The intersection of tradition and modernity in art can lead to conflicting opinions.


The controversy surrounding the portrait of Kate Middleton serves as a reminder of the power of art to provoke thought and debate. While some may find the painting « fade » and « ringard », others may appreciate the artist’s attempt to offer a different perspective on a familiar figure. Ultimately, art is meant to challenge our perceptions and evoke emotions, and this portrait has certainly achieved that goal.

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